What We're About

ID Creative Group is a small, custom marketing and advertising agency that’s been doing what we do for quite a while - since 1991.  Our unique approach and adaptive skills have enabled us to survive and thrive during some tough economic times.  We have a loyal, strong client base which continues to grow and the longevity of many of these clients speaks volumes about our mutual goals and successes.  We work continuously to maintain the type of company and services that takes care of our clients.  If you’re successful, we’re successful and that’s how we work.  We’re fun to work with, but we’re very serious about our work.  There are no short cuts – we believe our clients deserve the best and that’s what we strive for.  Always.

We started as mostly a print firm – doing a majority of print marketing for our clients – newspaper advertising, newspapers, newsletters, publications, specialty magazines, etc.  When the economy tanked, many of our clients found that e-newsletters and marketing online made more sense due to fast changing technology, the immediate online accessibility of information, and not having the cost of snail-mailing.  In response, we altered our direction to continue to accommodate our clients in a variety of ways – both online and in print.

Although we have kept up with the technology side of things, we have a very ‘old school’ approach to business.  What does that mean to you?  Nine times out of ten, you will get a real voice when you call us.  When we say we’ll get a project done by a certain time frame, we get it done – whatever it takes.  We take the time to meet with our clients to determine exactly what they need and it isn’t always what they think they want.  One of our basic philosophies … you’re not paying us to tell you want you want to hear, you’re paying us to tell you what you need to hear. 

So – why the panther?  Ever since I was a child, this was my favorite animal.  Black panthers were rare, intelligent, strong, beautiful, predatory creatures, yet symbolized perfection.  The characteristics of the panther also parallel a lot of our business traits.


The black lab puppy … well, I am loyal to my customers and ask a lot of questions (thus the inquisitiveness), not to mention I work with two black labs and a shepherd/lab mix every day.  They are inspiring, fun (see above photo), yet understand “work.”  They actually get excited when I tell them it’s time to go to work and they’re off to the office.  I couldn’t ask for a more loyal staff.

We’ve won awards for our work.  United Way honored us as Communications Partner of the Year 2008/2009 and the Medina County HBA awarded us Associate Member of the year in 2003.  We like the acknowledgements, but our biggest reward (and compliment) is our satisfied clients and the kudos we get from their success!

MAIL: PO BOX #1105 | MEDINA OH 44258-1105
PHONE: 330.723.4324 | 330.483.0075

Email us today at info@idcreativeltd.com